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AeroTrends Advantage

At AeroTrends, we recognize that each customer has unique requirements for a successful aircraft acquisition.

We begin by assessing your needs and preferences. Your private aircraft requirements are as individual as your needs and preferences are, and we don’t begin a search until we fully understand them.

These include the range of typical destinations, number of passengers and cargo, cabin amenities, and design and performance preferences.

We then look at your budget and available operating options to find the best fit.

We take the same care in advising you about private flight services which you may need to manage your new aircraft.

Comparing variables such as quality and scale of personnel, business and technical capabilities, scheduling and dispatch terms, pricing and trip support, our expert team analyzes each aspect of the service offering to give you a clear assessment of which service or combination of services best fit your needs.

Most aircraft owner’s needs and preferences expand and become refined over time, and when they do, we are there to market your current aircraft in the global marketplace to find the right buyer at the right price.

While we are doing that, we also begin our search for a replacement aircraft which provides you exactly what you need for your growing travel needs.