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The review, inspection and completion processes are among the most critical phases of any aircraft acquisition, and our team of experts oversee them from inception to successful completion.

With pre-owned aircraft, once you’ve chosen a particular make and model aircraft, we arrange to have it carefully inspected by an aircraft manufacturer service center. To ensure that the aircraft satisfies current manufacturer and appropriate national certification standards (including FAA, EASA and TCCA), we bring in experienced independent aircraft technicians and specialists.

In a coordinated effort, they design and oversee an inspection tailored to the aircraft’s condition, manufacturer and government standards, as well as the aircraft’s history, logs and records.

With factory-new aircraft, we ensure that the terms and conditions of the transaction are optimized to your needs and specifications. In addition, our inspectors ensure that the planning and execution of the completion process is as comprehensive and thorough as your tastes require to ensure that at delivery, you receive an exquisitely completed aircraft.