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Choosing and purchasing your aircraft is only the first step in your aircraft acquisition. You will also need to make some important decisions about how to manage the operations and maintenance of your aircraft to ensure that you get the most from your transportation investment.

As an aircraft owner, you may prefer to operate your aircraft on your own or through your company. This will involve hiring qualified maintenance technicians and flight crew members who will be responsible for maintaining and operating your aircraft to your needs and requirements.

Alternatively, you may prefer to hire an experienced aircraft management company to operate and coordinate the scheduling, dispatch, trip planning, operations and maintenance of your aircraft through their own professional personnel.

You may want your aircraft to be managed under private aviation regulations, or under the more stringent commercial aviation regulations. 

As a certificated Air Carrier, many aircraft management companies are able to offer your aircraft to the commercial third-party charter market to generate revenue from your investment.

At AeroTrends, we make aircraft management recommendations that are right for you, depending upon your circumstances and preferences for operational and liability control. We will advise you on which aircraft management companies best fit your needs, and how best to proceed with negotiating your management agreement.